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CUSTOMER STORIES: Army Training Command Department from Thailand uses Sanako Lab 100

By Thu Dang on June, 7 2020


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Thu Dang

Thu Dang works at Sanako as a Product and Experience Manager

Sanako Lab 100 is a language lab solution that is extremely popular with army training centres as it works especially well for demanding conditions where efficiency is needed. Army Training Command Department from Thailand is one of these example training centres the are satisfied customers and users of Sanako Lab 100 solution.
  • Army Training Command Department from Thailand uses Sanako Lab 100 to improve the language skills of personnel for effective communication and to reach high standards of the Thai military.
  • Previously their teachers were using books and one-on-one or group speaking activity without any use of technology.

  • After implementing Sanako Lab 100 as their language teaching solution their teaching results have increased and they can practice language skills with more confidence.

  • Army Language Centre in Thailand is a direct customer of IMI Edutech Co., Sanako's local reseller partner from Thailand.


What were their language teaching and learning needs

The Language Centre focuses on the need to develop the personnel’s language skill – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Army is involved in international relations and helping everyone to be equipped in communication is a must.

How Sanako solutions have helped them?

Now with Sanako's modern language lab, the Army personnel’s language skills has improved to the acceptable high standards of the Thai military. Army personnel can now practice their language skills with confidence. Sanako Lab 100 brings them these benefits:

  • Foster communication in the classroom using various activities available.

  • Teachers only need to know basic computer skills and a short training session to learn how to use the lab functions.

  • Teacher can divide the class into group to focus on important skills that the student needs to develop.

  • Teachers can monitor the progress of students without interruption.

"My students are now motivated to learn more. This solution allows more speaking practice opportunities for students and they need not to feel embarrassed when they made mistakes, instead they can practice it again until they’re confident with the result. The new learning solution also makes it easier for teachers to monitor student’s learning without interruption."

-Ajarn Ae (English teacher, Thailand Army Training Command Department)


Sanako language lab used in army training


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