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    CUSTOMER STORIES: How do Sanako products support language teaching and interpreter training at St.Petersburg State University?

    By Sanako Blog on November, 19 2020


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    Sanako is a Finnish Educational Tech company helping schools and language teachers to improve language teaching efficiency and results.

    St.Petersburg State University is one of the oldest and largest universities in Russia. Home to over 32,000 students and over 5,000 members of academic staff, the university offers over 400 core courses and more than 800 additional educational programmes.

    As part of this, the university offers students a wide variety of language courses including English, Italian and Lithuanian. It also has an onsite Language Testing Centre and is a leading institution in the fields of interpretation studies and translation. 

    Degrees in these specialisms are unique in Russia and have been specifically designed to train students to become professional employees. The programmes have been developed by the University’s Department of English and aim to provide in-depth specialised training using globally recognised best practice. As such, the courses have been designed to support students to master simultaneous, community and conference interpreting.

    To deliver on these course requirements, the University has a long history of using Sanako products for interpretation and translation studies. As Nina Shcherbak, Associate Professor in the English Department explained, the decision was made to install Sanako products because “they answered all of our requirements.” 

    That decision has been highly successful, Shcherbak continued:

    “We currently use Sanako Connect and Sanako Lab 100 products across our department. These solutions work well and are very convenient for educators to use, particularly in interpretation classes.”

    Professor Shcherbak also noted that her colleagues found that the Sanako products

    “were very user-friendly for educators and students. Importantly they have also increased the efficiency of our classes.” 

    More than 500 students a week use the Sanako products at St.Petersburg State University. They use

    “self-recording as well as double track solutions when listening and speaking. They are also able to create and use video and audio materials as well as working easily in pairs.”

    As part of the installation, Professor Shcherbak worked closely with her local Sanako reseller to ensure that all staff were fully trained on how to use the products and how to get the most out of them.

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