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    NEW PARTNERSHIP: Reactored platform launched in Latin America in collaboration with Oxford Education

    By Sanako Blog on July, 13 2020


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    Sanako is a Finnish Educational Tech company helping schools and language teachers to improve language teaching efficiency and results.

    After the strategic partnership with Reactored - an Edtech startup from Finland, this summer marks the cooperation between Sanako and Oxford Education, bringing this innovative language teaching platform to even more students worldwide, especially in Mexico and Latin America.

    Dated back from 1989, Oxford Education has always been focusing on academic quality and “Student Experience”. Over the years, it has built up strong collaboration with schools and academic alliances, gaining presence in over 35 countries around the world.  

    Oxford Education offers The Oxford TCC English language certificate and the English language platform GEAR, which are both based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In addition, its BEO world program promotes international exchanges among schools, allowing students to develop unique skills such as leadership, teamwork and public speaking.

    Following the trend of digitalization in education, Oxford Education puts emphasis on combining Learning, Innovation and Technology into what is called L.I.T SYSTEM. This system consists of e-learning platforms - a virtual space aimed at facilitating the distance learning experience for educational institutions.

    These platforms have a teaching and learning modality, which can represent a part of the educational model that exploits electronic media and devices, to facilitate access to the evolution and improvement of the quality of education and training.

    The objective of L.I.T. System is to provide a comprehensive solution to schools to digitize educational content for all subjects. The purpose is to offer the school the platforms they need to cover their necessities.

    In this partnership between Sanako and Oxford Education, we add the Reactored platform to be part of the L.I.T System and offer the solution for Oxford Education’s existing school and university customers.

    Aspiring to eliminate language barriers through the development of English communication skills, Oxford Education collaborates with highly trusted organizations, such as Oxford International Education Group and now Sanako, to provide the youth with the most innovative educational tools.

    “Both companies should expand beyond their existing resources and reach further through strategic alliances and relationships. We are more than excited to start this partnership and to help our schools with the transition towards digital education.”

    -Anette Goebel – Oxford Education Director


    About Sanako

    Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company helping people to teach and learn languages. We are the global leader in developing teacher-led language teaching software and language labs for the educational sector. We have worked closely with our customers for over 50 years towards a single goal: to enable more freedom and power for individuals and organizations by improving their language skills.


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