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    CUSTOMER STORIES: Sanako and Eupheus Learning help million Indian kids

    By Francisco Coquillat on April, 21 2020


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    Francisco Coquillat

    Francisco Coquillat works as the Head of Design at Sanako

    Learning English language made simpler and more engaging for Indian students! Read how Sanako reached out to over million kids in India and helped them to learn English more efficiently.


    Sanako, the global leader in language labs and language teaching solutions, announced in 2017 that it partnered with Eupheus Learning to reach out to over a million kids in order to help them learn English in a more effective, more engaging and interactive way through its award-winning Language Lab solution.


    Mr Vivek Gupta, from Sanako India said:

    “The Language Lab solution can transform a set of laptops or desktops into a full-featured language lab easily, without any hassle. That’s the beauty of this solution. India has the second largest population that speaks English but unfortunately their pronunciation and diction is not up to the mark! With Eupheus Learning as our partner, we reached out to as many kids at an early age of learning and provided them with language learning solutions that helped them not only build clear diction and pronunciation but also improved vocabulary, built grammar, and confidence in themselves.”

    The Language Lab can engage an entire class to participate in meaningful activities whilst utilizing the allocated time efficiently and letting the teacher to remain in complete control. Predefined workflows allow the teachers to conduct versatile and effective lessons combining speaking, listening and written text.  It also comes with many exciting and interactive preset activities such as Listening Comprehension, Model Imitation, Reading Practice, Round table discussion, Discussion, Exam mode, Tutoring, Vocabulary test, Text-to-Speech, and Video Pairing.


    Mr Sarvesh Shrivastava, Managing Director and Co-founder, Eupheus Learning said:

    “It is vital to understand the co-relation between learning to speak English fluently and employability at a later stage. While we may be the second largest speakers of the language in sheer numbers; wrong pronunciation and MTI or Regional Influence is a very common problem across the world that makes one lose confidence at a global level. Sanako's language teaching solutions arrests this phenomena at an early stage and corrects it. Thereby, making the students more confident and ready for the job market. This is our first year as Eupheus Learning and we have tasked ourselves to reaching out to a million kids. For us this is just the beginning.”


    About Sanako

    Sanako is a Finnish Educational Technology Company with an experience spanning over 50 years, and customers in more than 100 countries. Our language learning solutions are already used in over 50,000+ classrooms around the world.

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    About Eupheus Learning

    Eupheus in Greek means active seeking of knowledge, a readiness of will to learning.

    Eupheus Learning aim to offer pedagogically differentiated, technology driven solutions that lead to critical thinking and achievement of higher learning outcomes in the K-12 space. The company’s vision is to bridge the gap between what is taught in-class using Institutional textbook driven solutions and retail at-home learning providers by seamlessly integrating both.

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    Sanako is always looking for partnerships with new reseller partners, publishers, edTech startups, and software providers that serve the language teaching and learning segment. If you are interested to initiate talks with us, contact Sanako's CEO, Juho Isola at or calling him at +358-50-527-9506