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    WEBINAR: Simple digital tools to transform your online language teaching

    By Sanako Blog on June, 7 2021


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    Sanako is a Finnish Educational Tech company helping schools and language teachers to improve language teaching efficiency and results.

    As global education systems work to respond to unprecedented challenges, language educators and institutions are under intense pressure to continue teaching to ensure “business as usual.” For most countries globally, this means that online language learning is still the prevalent model for lesson delivery. But after a year of learning and teaching online, how do you ensure that your lessons still engage and motivate your learners?

    Specifically designed to help educators and institutions to improve online lesson delivery, this webinar is packed full of tried, tested, and trusted ideas, tools, and tricks that educators can easily and immediately use.  We’ll also show how free tools such as Bitmojis, Quizlet, and Mentimeter can be easily deployed to transform your lessons and motivate your students.

    In this webinar, you’ll hear from Zhazira Karabalyeva, an experienced language educator with over 12 years of teaching experience. She will share her extensive experience of using such tools as an integral part of her teaching practice. Zhazira will also demonstrate Sanako Pronounce - an easy, online tool for improving students’ speaking and pronunciation skills that currently has over 2.5 million users worldwide.


    This webinar session will help language teachers to:

    • Discover how free digital tools can transform their online teaching
    • Build confidence in using such tools more frequently in their lessons
    • Understand how such tools can be used to engage and motivate students
    • Learn how technology can help develop more innovative pedagogical approaches
    • See how key tools could save teachers’ time and energy and 
    • Help differentiate their in-person, classroom teaching.


    The webinar was organized by Sanako on 26th May 2021, but you can watch the full webinar recording for free below:


    Keynote speaker

    Zhazira Karabalyeva is an English and French teacher, who currently supports students at both school and undergraduate levels. She has over 12 years of classroom and tutoring experience and works at the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    Zhazira is passionate about the use of technology in language teaching. She also has a master’s in Project-Based Learning and is currently doing research into teachers’ innovation competencies.


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